Link different accounting packages

Billtobox easily integrates with the accounting package of your choice. This means that you and your employees can continue working with the softwares currently used in your office.

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Integration with Wolters Kluwer
Integration with Yuki
Integration with Winbooks
Integration with Lyanthe
Integration with Venice
Integration with Sage
Integration with Wings accountant
Integration for accountants with Octopus
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Collect & centralize invoices

Integrate easily with our APIs

At Unifiedpost, our mission is to help entrepreneurs create smart financial ecosystems.

Our API library provides you with a variety of APIs and services, such as Billtobox APIs, VAT, IBAN TRN validators and connectors to your invoices and documents.

Developer Portal
Developer Portal

Connect to Billtobox via REST APIs. To do this, visit the Developer Portal, which provides the necessary tools to manage smooth access and communication between applications.

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Integrate easily with APIs

What did other users wonder ?

What did other users wonder?

How can my accountant register with Billtobox so I can share my documents with him/her?

Simply fill out the contact form on the accountants section of our site. A member of our team will contact the accountant to help them get started with Billtobox.


Trusted by +1,200 accounting firms in Belgium

Support all your clients, SME's or Corporates, in all sectors. Billtobox will make their administration much easier, and also help you processing the invoices much quicker.

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"The advantage of Billtobox is that you can easily convert any paid invoice into digital data."

Allan Darquenne

Owner of Bureau Comptable Darquenne

Secure payments

Security is our priority

Billtobox meets the strict requirements of the National Bank of Belgium for offering payment services.

To make electronic payments secure, Unifiedpost uses the same security measures that apply to banks.

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Certified and secured

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Why choose Billtobox?

From preparing invoices to forwarding them to your accountant,
we accomplish it all

With Billtobox we offer you a unique solution to receive, process and pay purchase invoices, create and send sales invoices, get paid and keep track.

Getting paid faster

Billtobox will alert you when a bill is due for payment.

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Never pay late

Billtobox will alert you when a bill is due for payment.

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Pay smarter

Pay all your purchase invoices at once, with 1 click.

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Gain insight

Billtobox will alert you when a bill is due for payment.

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Integrate your software

Connect with software and tools you already use.

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Finance your invoices

Get your sales invoices
paid immediately.

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