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‍Mandatoryin Belgium from 2026

In early 2024, the federal parliament voted a law making e-invoicing mandatory for business-to-business (B2B) transactions starting Jan. 1, 2026.

The new law will ban PDF and paper invoices. Fortunately, with Billtobox already compliant with this legislation now!

Electronic invoicing or e-invoicing

What is an e-invoice?

An electronic invoice, also known as an e-invoice, is an invoice in a structured electronic format. Attention, an invoice sent in PDF by mail may be a digital invoice, but it is not an electronic invoice!

An e-invoice is not sent by mail or post but via a network such as Peppol or Crossnet, the proprietary network of Billtobox and Unifiedpost.

An e-invoice has many advantages! The Federal Public Service BOSA calculated that Belgian companies can save up to 3.6 billion euros through mandatory e-invoicing.

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Why e-invoicing?

The benefits of e-invoicing‍.

Getting paid faster

E-invoices can be processed faster by the recipient, which means you as a supplier get paid faster.

Lower processing costs

According to studies, processing an e-invoice costs up to 30% less than a traditional paper or PDF invoice.
This is because e-invoices are read directly into software rather than having to be retyped.

Secure network

E-invoices are sent over a secure network, reducing the risk of invoice fraud.

Less storage space

E-invoices are stored digitally at Billtobox. Thus, there is no need to store duplicates.

Better for the environment

Electronic invoices have a positive impact on the environment since they are not printed.

Fewer errors

Thanks to e-invoices, it's done with retyping invoices, reducing input errors.

Secure e-invoicing networks

Crossnet & Peppol

With Billtobox you are automatically linked to Crossnet, which is the proprietary network of Billtobox and Unifiedpost (the company behind Billtobox). There are already more than 1 million companies exchanging invoices among themselves via this network. Moreover, Crossnet allows you to send electronic invoices in more than 60 countries worldwide. When creating a Billtobox account you are automatically linked to Crossnet, as a result you will receive invoices from KBC autolease, Sabam, VOKA, Luminus and many others directly in your Billtobox .

The Belgian government has chosen the Peppol network for electronic invoicing. "Peppol" stands for "Pan European Open Procurement OnLine" and it is a set of specifications for e-invoicing. Many countries in Europe use this network, but not all. Countries like France (PDP), Italy (Sdi), Poland (KSeF) use other standards. Fortunately, with Crossnet you are connected to all these foreign networks and standards.

Registration on the Peppol network is free and optional at Billtobox. Once you have created a Billtobox account, you can easily register by clicking the button below.

Would you like to receive more invoices directly in Billtobox ? Then be sure to read our help desk article.

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Tax benefits of e-invoices

Up to 120% tax deductible

Like other investments, electronic invoicing is eligible for tax deductions. The law even provides an additional deduction of 20%, making the cost of electronic invoicing deductible up to a total of 120%. This deduction applies to all expenses and investments related to electronic billing made between 2024 and 2027.

So your Billtobox is also 120% deductible.

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