Sign documents effortlessly digitally

No more printing, signing and scanning! Get documents signed in minutes, not days or sometimes even weeks with a traditional signature.

Our electronic signature solution allows you to digitally sign documents in minutes, making the process quick, easy and legally valid. This saves time and streamlines workflows.

Electronic signatures: simple, efficient and legally valid.


4 simple steps

Sign documents easily electronically with our streamlined process:

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Our solution

All benefits at a glance

Saving time
With electronic signatures, documents can be signed in minutes, as opposed to days or even weeks with traditional signatures. This saves valuable time and speeds up business processes.

Cost savings
Electronic signatures eliminate the need for printing, paper and physical storage. This results in significant cost savings in paper, ink, shipping and storage of documents.

Secure and legally binding
Increase your confidence with eIDAS-compliant signing methods. Sign offers the three eIDAS-compliant signing levels, including Standard Electronic Signature (SES), Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signature (QES). Choose the signing level that meets your specific requirements. Sign ensures secure and legally binding transactions while enjoying the flexibility of different signing options.

Environmentally friendly
By reducing paper waste and the need for physical documents, electronic signatures help reduce the carbon footprint and promote a greener approach to business operations.

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3 levels of signature

Level 1: Standard electronic signature (SES).

This is the simplest form: a scanned image of a handwritten signature placed in the document, or a signature "scribbled" with the mouse or tablet pen. Sign offers signing via scribbling or accepting.

3 levels of signature

Level 2: Advanced electronic signature (AES).

An advanced electronic signature links the identity of the signer to the signature, via a unique code derived from the message itself and the identity of the sender. These signatures are much more reliable than an SES.

Sign offers the following options at this level:
- SMS: An SMS is sent to the addressee's cell phone with a code that he/she must enter on the signature page to get the document signed.
- Itsme: You can sign a document with an "Advanced" signature level.

3 levels of signature

Level 3: Qualified electronic signature (QES).

A qualified electronic signature works the same way as an AES, with one major difference: it uses a certificate issued by a Trusted Third Party. The signature is generated by trusted devices: governments that issue qualified certificates as national digital identities, or through commercial organizations. After the eIDAS amendment, a QES has the same legal validity as a handwritten signature.

Sign offers the following method:
-Itsme: The document is signed at a "Qualified" level.


Our electronic signature subscription is available for €5 per month. In addition, transaction fees are charged for each signature depending on the level chosen:
- Standard (Scribble): €0.25 per transaction
- Advanced: €0.50 per transaction
- Qualified: €2.50 per transaction

Enjoy flexible and affordable electronic signature solutions, perfect for all your business needs.

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