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Up to 50 documents
per year


Per month

Up to 50 documents per year

Archive your files for up to 12 months

Create invoices with ease


100% digital


Per month

Get started quickly and easily with 100% digital administration.

Archive your files for up to 7 years

Payments are provided with CODA data


100% digital administration with integrated payment solution.


Per month

100% digital administration with integrated payment solutions.

Link two external bank accounts

Pay multiple purchase invoices at once

General functions
Number of users
More users per company possible.
Mobile app
Doc Center
Doucments saved and shared with my accountant.
Your files are kept safe in our archives.
12 months
10 years
10 years
Purchase invoices
Receiving invoices
Automatic data extraction
Automatic data extraction via software (OCR - Optical Character Recognition).
AI technology
AI technology
Sales Invoices
Creating invoices
Manual, upload PDF, import UBL, via CRM connection. Invoices can be created directly in the application or by importing a PDF or UBL invoice. UBL (Universal Business Language) is the standard format for electronic invoicing. A connection to a CRM application is also possible.
Sending invoices
UBL format only
PDF & UBL format
PDF & UBL format
Mercurius / Peppol support
Mercurius: standard for sending e-invoices to the government. Peppol: European network for sending e-invoices.
CODA data
cCODA (cCOded Daily Statement) an electronic file containing comprehensive information about transactions from your account.
Link 2 external bank accounts
Get the Business Wallet with your own IBAN
Place payment button on sales invoices
Pay multiple purchase invoices at once
Banqup Terminal
The Banqup Terminal is the virtual POS (Point Of Sale) terminal that allows you to receive electronic payments in your store, hair salon, café, restaurant, doctor's or kiné practice, pop-up, market stall, festival, event, canteen, sports clubs, ...
€0.12 per transaction
Market place
Print and send service
Cost calculated based on current stamp price.
Accounting connection (via API)
Accounting connection (via API)
CRM connection (via API)
Ability to interface with a CRM application via API.

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No problem, we are happy to make you a proposal tailored to your business. Just fill out the contact form and we will provide a suitable solution.


What did other users wonder ?

What did other users wonder?

Is there a free version of Billtobox?

Yes, you can always use the free version of Billtobox which is limited to 50 documents per year.

Can I try Billtobox for free?

Yes, you can! The package (Free) is a free bundle that allows you to test Billtobox for free. This bundle is suitable for processing 50 invoices per year. Would you like to process more invoices or switch to a package with even more options? Simply switch to another package and all your stored data will automatically be transferred.

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