The most efficient way to receive, process and send invoices and payments

Billtobox is the digital link between business owners and their accountant. With Billtobox you can create and send outgoing invoices, get paid and maintain a complete overview.

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What is Billtobox?

From paperwork to digitization in a few clicks

Processing your financial administration has never been easier.
In addition to invoices and payments, Billtobox also allows you to easily manage other documents and administrative tasks.

Receive all your (e-)invoices directly in Billtobox. Always have a clear overview of all your customers and suppliers and your incoming and outgoing invoices.

Share with your accountant

Billtobox ensures that every business owner is digitally connected to their accountant anytime, anywhere.

Integrated payments

Thanks to the integrated payment solution, you process all incoming and outgoing payments quickly and securely from now on.

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Why choose Billtobox?

From preparing invoices to forwarding them to your accountant,
we accomplish it all

With Billtobox we offer you a unique solution to receive, process and pay purchase invoices, create and send sales invoices, get paid and keep track.

Getting paid faster

Billtobox will alert you when a customer is due to pay your bill.

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Never pay late

Billtobox will alert you when you need to pay a bill.

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Pay smarter

Pay all your purchase invoices at once,
with 1 click.

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Gain insight

Optimize your financial administration. Thanks to digitalization, you get real-time insights.

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Integrate your software

Connect with software and tools you already use.

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Finance your invoices

Get your sales invoices
paid immediately.

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Important statistics

Trusted by more than 160,000 SMEs worldwide

Billtobox, the solution for passionate entrepreneurs.


Companies active daily on Billtobox.


Documents processed per month.


Countries where Billtobox is leading and active.


The most efficient way to receive, process and send invoices and payments

Billtobox is the software for business owners used to manage invoices, receipts and other documents they need to keep accurate and secure financial records.

With convenient features such as:

Easily create and send invoices
Popular feature
With Billtobox, you create and send invoices to your customers in less than 60 seconds.
Send and create invoices page
Forward all your invoices and receipts to your accountant
Take a picture of a receipt with the app and immediately send it to your accountant. It's that easy!
Forward all invoices and receipts page application
Banqup Business Wallet
Billtobox offers a unique integrated combination for payments.
Open an IBAN account, pay and get paid from 1 application.
Banqup Business Wallet
Receive a notification when you are missing an invoice.
Or when you haven't received a payment yet.
Reconciliation application page
Your administration, everywhere.
All the tools you need to upload and pay your invoices.
And keep track of your cash flow. - In one app.
Your administration in your pocket

Ready to get started with Billtobox?
Start your trial today.

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What did other users wonder ?

What did other users wonder?

Can Billtobox Peppol receive invoices?

Peppol is the standard in Belgium for e-invoices. With Billtobox , you can register for a Peppol ID for free.

Can I withdraw my permission to link my Billtobox account to Peppol at any time?

Yes, you may withdraw your consent to this link at any time. Please contact our customer service department for assistance in withdrawing consent.

Do I need to configure my Billtobox account for anything after it is linked to Peppol?

No, after your Billtobox account is linked to Peppol, you don't need to configure anything extra. You can immediately enjoy the benefits of Peppol for your electronic billing.

How long will it take to activate my Billtobox account on Peppol after I give permission?

After submitting the consent form, your request will be taken up by our support team. Activation will usually take place within a reasonable period of time.

Do I have to pay additional fees to activate my Billtobox account on Peppol?

No, the activation of your Billtobox account on the Peppol network is completely free of charge. This is a service we offer to improve your business processes.

What is the benefit of linking my Billtobox account to the Peppol network?

Linking your Billtobox account to the Peppol network allows you to send and receive electronic invoices seamlessly, more efficiently and standardized. This is especially important given the mandatory e-invoicing in Belgium as of January 1, 2026.

Is Itsme required to sign a document?

Whether you need Itsme depends on the level of signature chosen by the sender. For the highest level, level 3 (qualified electronic signature), Itsme is required. For level 2 (advanced electronic signature), the sender can choose between verification via SMS or Itsme. Please see our FAQ section for more details on the signature levels. If you need instructions for installing and linking the Itsme app, please follow the attached link.

Where can I find more information about electronic signatures?

For detailed information and guidelines on electronic signatures, please visit the official website of the European Union.

Are electronic signatures legally recognized in the EU?

In the European Union, electronic signatures are legally accepted and have the same legal force as traditional handwritten signatures. This is stipulated in the eIDAS regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014), which ensures the standardization of electronic identification and trust services within the EU.

What are the benefits of electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures offer several benefits such as faster processing, cost savings, increased efficiency, reduced paper usage and global reachability. This streamlines the signing process and reduces the need for physical paper.

Are electronic signatures reliable?

Electronic signatures come with measures that guarantee both the authenticity of the document and the identity of the signer. Using various authentication methods, we can ensure that the signer is really the person he or she says he or she is while signing. This makes the signature legally strong and trustworthy. With Banqup's signing service, the security and authenticity of your documents and signatures is always at the forefront, as is the security of our system.

Why did I receive an e-mail?

You received an email from because someone sent a document to you for you to sign through our service. The person who sent the document used your e-mail address with permission to contact you.

What are electronic signatures?

An electronic signature is the digital version of a handwritten signature. Like a traditional signature, an electronic signature confirms that the signer has seen and agrees to the contents of a document. The difference is that it is done digitally. In many jurisdictions, electronic signatures have the same legal value as handwritten signatures.

How can I receive my purchase invoices on Billtobox?

There are 4 easy ways to add your invoices to Billtobox:

Download the invoices from your computer.

Add your tickets and receipts through the mobile application.

Receive your invoices directly in your Billtobox account via the dedicated email address or via our Crossnet network.

Can I attach a file with multiple invoices?

Yes, you can split your files directly on Billtobox using the "Import and Split" button.

Will Billtobox contact my customers if they pay late?

Billtobox will contact your customer if they pay late. If your customer has still not paid after our reminders, we transfer the collection of the invoice to Atradius Collections after 60 days.

Why does Billtobox offer Invoice Finance?

As part of Unifiedpost Group, we aim to help entrepreneurs and the self-employed be successful with their businesses. One way we do this is by offering financing for sales invoices. Find out what else Billtobox can do for your business here.

Is it safe to get a sales invoice paid out?

At Billtobox, we are committed to the highest standards of security and reliability. We therefore make every effort to ensure security. You can read more about the processing of your data in the privacy statement.

How long will it take to receive the amount of the sales invoice for which I have applied for funding?

We aim to transfer 90% of the sales invoice amount to your Banqup Business Wallet within 24 hours of requesting financing.

What must my invoice meet?

Your invoice must meet the following requirements to be funded:

- Your invoices must be in euro for business customers (excluding governments) in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom or Luxembourg.

- The maximum payment period of the invoice must not exceed 60 days.

- The invoice may not be disputed.

- The work must be completed.

- The minimum invoice amount must not be less than EUR 350.

- The payment period must not have expired.

- You must apply for funding within 14 days of the invoice date.

How many invoices can I offer at the same time?

As a Billtobox customer, you can offer an unlimited number of invoices at the same time. However, the total amount of outstanding sales invoices may not exceed €100,000.

What types of businesses are eligible for Invoice Finance?

To use Invoice Finance, the company must be based in Belgium or the Netherlands and have been in existence for at least 3 years. Billtobox checks the credit score of the company with the help of a rating agency. Unfortunately, they cannot currently offer this service to sole traders, companies in the construction industry, insurers or financial service providers.

Are there any costs associated with Invoice Finance ?

For every invoice you sell to Billtobox, you pay a fixed percentage of 3% of the invoice value. In addition, you need to take out a Billtobox Premium with Payment Services subscription to enjoy the financing solution.(Click here to learn more about the Premium subscription). There are no other and/or hidden fees with us.

What are the benefits of Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance offers the advantage that, as a business owner, you will have the money you are owed by your customers sooner. This can improve your cash flow and thus enable the growth of your business. Plus, you don't have to worry about collecting outstanding invoices and there are no hidden fees.

How does Invoice Finance work?

Invoice finance works as follows:

- You as a company/entrepreneur provide a product or service to your customers and send a sales invoice with a payment term, for example 30 days.

- You then sell this invoice/invoices to Billtobox. We take ownership of the invoice and pay your company/entrepreneur 90% of the amount of the invoice.

- Billtobox sends the invoice to your customer and collects the amount when the invoice expires. Billtobox then transfers the remaining amount of the invoice, minus the cost of financing, to you.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance is an alternative method of financing that is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs. It involves selling outstanding invoices as a business to a finance company, such as Billtobox. In return, you get an advance on the amount stated on the invoice. This way, as a business owner, you can access the money you are owed by your customers sooner, improving your cash flow, and expanding or improving your business activities. Billtobox then collects the amount of your customer's invoice when it is due and charges a percentage of the invoice as a fee.

Can I send electronic invoices to my customers?

By using Billtobox to create/send your invoices, you can send your customers electronic invoices directly to their Billtobox account.

Can I invite my colleagues to use the Billtobox Console?

Yes, you can invite all your employees to use the Billtobox console. They will be able to log in through their own access and manage their customers' records.

How do I link my accounting software to Billtobox?

Our sales team will be happy to help you connect Billtobox to your accounting package.

To do so, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

Can I get help for my clients?

We offer several options for your customers (Webinars, tutorials, video training...) to simplify their transition to Billtobox.

Do I need to pay to get a training for my employees?

No need to pay, your contact will be happy to train your employees at your office.

How do I manage my clients' accounts?

As an accountant, you get access to the Billtobox Console that allows you to centralize and manage all your customers.

How is an electronic invoice processed in the accounting software?

Billtobox sends the XML to the folder of your choice.  

All data is pre-processed in your accounting software (suppliers, date, etc.), all you have to do is a last check and book the invoices.

Is there a free version of Billtobox?

Yes, you can always use the free version of Billtobox which is limited to 50 documents per year.

Can I use Billtobox without the involvement of my accountant?

Yes, you can upload your invoices directly to your accounting program via email or through Synqup.

Can I add other types of documents (contracts, Visa extracts, etc) to Billtobox?

Yes, in the Doc Center you can create your own folder structure to organize your documents digitally.

Should I keep the paper version of my invoices?

No, Billtobox offers you a secure digital archive of all your invoices for for up to 7 years.

You can look up your bills very easily using the various filters available.

Can I send my bank statements to my accountant?

Yes, by linking your bank accounts to Billtobox, your bank statements are automatically forwarded to your accountant in various formats such as PDF, CODA or CAMT.

Which banks can I link to Billtobox?

You can link all Belgian banks to your Billtobox account.

This requires your permission to link your bank account to Billtobox.

Can I retrieve my bank statements in Billtobox?

Yes, we offer you the ability to retrieve all statements from your Banqup Business Account and all external bank accounts linked to Billtobox. You can download them in the format of your choice (PDF, CODA and CAMT).

Can I make bulk payments?

Yes, simply select the invoices you want to pay, click the "Pay Documents" button and authorize payment through the Banqup ID app.

Do I need a card reader to make payments?

No, you don't need a card reader. Thanks to the Banqup ID app, you can make your payments very easily without having to log in through your banking environment.

What is Peppol?

It is a secure international network that allows your company to exchange electronic documents (invoices, etc.) with all users registered on the Peppol network.

For that, you need a Peppol access point such as Billtobox.

Can I collect money from my customers through Billtobox?

Yes, by activating the payment service, you can let your customers pay via the Paylink button on your invoices or via the Banqup terminal.

Can I make quotations?

Yes, by activating the Smart Invoice module, you can very easily create quotes and convert them into electronic invoices.

What delivery channels are available on Billtobox?

You can send your invoices directly to another Billtobox user via Crossnet, by e-mail, via Peppol, by mail or via our Print&Post service.

What is an electronic invoice?

An invoice is electronic if :

- The invoice is issued, sent and received in a structured electronic format


- The format allows the invoice to be processed automatically and electronically.

Sending invoices in PDF format does not meet these requirements because recipients cannot automatically process these files.

The use of electronic invoices will gradually become mandatory. Read more on our blog.

How do I send my invoices to my accountant?

After adding your invoices, the "To Accept" status appears.

After checking the data, the invoices are ready to be sent to your accountant. To do so, select them and click on the "Accept" button. Your invoices will be forwarded automatically.

What is the Crossnet network?

The Crossnet network includes all companies that use Billtobox, Banqup or another Unifiedpost service to send electronic invoices, as well as other networks or platforms such as Peppol.

Is a PDF an electronic invoice?

No, a PDF is not an electronic invoice, but thanks to our OCR, we can convert your PDF invoices into electronic invoices.

On which device can I use Billtobox?

You can use Billtobox on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can find our mobile application on Google Play or in the App store.

How can my accountant register with Billtobox so I can share my documents with him/her?

Simply fill out the contact form on the accountants section of our site. A member of our team will contact the accountant to help them get started with Billtobox.

Is support included with every subscription?

Yes, our support team will be happy to help you.

You can contact them by clicking the "support" button at the top of the page or via the Help button in your Billtobox account.

How do I create a Billtobox account?

Very simple, just click on the "Activate your trial version" button and follow the various steps, it will only take you a few moments.

You are now ready to start using Billtobox.

Do I need to have knowledge of other softwares to use Billtobox?

No, we developed Billtobox so that all our customers can use it easily.

So you don't have to be an IT expert. If you can turn on your computer, you can use Billtobox.

Can I try Billtobox for free?

Yes, you can! The package (Free) is a free bundle that allows you to test Billtobox for free. This bundle is suitable for processing 50 invoices per year. Would you like to process more invoices or switch to a package with even more options? Simply switch to another package and all your stored data will automatically be transferred.

How can I create a Billtobox account?

You can sign up for Billtobox any time of the day. Go to the login page of the Billtobox platform and click on "Not a customer yet?". You will be asked to enter your email address, after which you will receive an email with some instructions. Fill in the necessary personal/business information and after the validation, you can start using Billtobox.

Do I need prior knowledge of other software programs to use Billtobox?

Not at all! Billtobox is a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to easily receive, send and archive invoices.


Trusted by more than 160,000 SMEs

The most efficient way to receive, process and send invoices and payments.

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"Billtobox is a quick fix that really works; fast, plug and play. All I can say, try it for yourself!"

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