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"Creating invoices in Excel was time-consuming and prone to errors.
With Billtobox, I create invoices that look professional faster and anywhere and I can see which invoices have not yet been paid."

Billtobox for Freelancers
Create and send invoices

Create (e)-invoices in less than 60 seconds

With Billtobox, you can create and send invoices or quotes to your customers in less than 60 seconds.

Send your e-invoices to another Billtobox account or by mail, Peppol or through our Print & Post solution (we print and send the invoice by mail)

Easily create a customer database and product catalog to generate outbound invoices faster

Receive all your invoices formatted in another invoicing software directly into Billtobox and send them to your customers

You can also easily create and send quotes using the smart invoice add-on

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Entrepreneurs accounts receivable
Getting paid

Getting paid faster and more efficiently

Our payment services make receiving payments even easier,
safer and more efficient.

Banqup Paylink

Through the digitally generated Banqup Paylink, your customers can pay online using their preferred payment method.

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Get paid faster with Banqup Terminal
Banqup Terminal

The Banqup Terminal is a virtual POS terminal that allows you to accept electronic payments in your store, event, restaurant or even on the go.

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Payment status

See which invoice is already paid and which needs extra attention. That way you certainly won't lose revenue.

Send payment reminders

With the smart invoicing add-on, you can automatically send payment reminders to your customers.

Get paid more efficiently with the Billtobox Banqup Terminal

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What did other users wonder ?

What did other users wonder?

How do I create a Billtobox account?

Very simple, just click on the "Activate your trial version" button and follow the various steps, it will only take you a few moments.

You are now ready to start using Billtobox.

How can I create a Billtobox account?

You can sign up for Billtobox any time of the day. Go to the login page of the Billtobox platform and click on "Not a customer yet?". You will be asked to enter your email address, after which you will receive an email with some instructions. Fill in the necessary personal/business information and after the validation, you can start using Billtobox.


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The most efficient way to receive, process and send invoices and payments.

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"Billtobox is a quick fix that really works; fast, plug and play. All I can say, try it for yourself!"

Franky De Smet - Van Damme

Owner of Turbeau Noir

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