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Collect and pay all your invoices in one place.

The most efficient way to receive, process and send invoices and payments.

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Centralize invoices
Collecting purchase invoices

Never lose an invoice or receipt again

You can convert all your (non-digital) documents, invoices and receipts into a digital format with your unique email address linked to Billtobox, with our app with scanning function or with the drag and drop function on your computer.

You get a unique email address that you can share with your suppliers. Invoices sent to this email address are automatically uploaded into Billtobox.

Drag & Drop: You can drag and drop multiple files (PDF) into your Billtobox to upload them all at once.

With our mobile app, you can scan your invoices, restaurant receipts or other documents to upload them in Billtobox.

Thanks to Billtobox , you get your electronic invoices delivered directly through Peppol or Crossnet (our own network).

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Keep other documents

Collect documents that are not invoices

The Doc Center is the perfect place to store and share your documents that are not invoices or credit notes with your accountant (if you choose). This makes it easy to keep a clear overview of all your non-financial documents. Create (sub)folders, tag documents and easily share them with your accountant.

Collect documents which aren't invoicesKeep an easy overview of documents and invoices

Pay invoices and mark them down with one click.

Once uploaded, you can see the payment status of each invoice and when it is due. This prevents you from paying invoices too early or too late.

Pay invoices in bulk with our integrated payment solution.

Never miss a payment with our notification system.

Invoices are automatically tipped off.

Pay invoices with one click or touch
Paying quickly and getting paid

Discover our payment solutions

Our payment services make paying invoices and receiving payments more efficient, secure and easy.


What did other users wonder ?

What did other users wonder?

How can I receive my purchase invoices on Billtobox?

There are 4 easy ways to add your invoices to Billtobox:

Download the invoices from your computer.

Add your tickets and receipts through the mobile application.

Receive your invoices directly in your Billtobox account via the dedicated email address or via our Crossnet network.

Can I attach a file with multiple invoices?

Yes, you can split your files directly on Billtobox using the "Import and Split" button.

How do I send my invoices to my accountant?

After adding your invoices, the "To Accept" status appears.

After checking the data, the invoices are ready to be sent to your accountant. To do so, select them and click on the "Accept" button. Your invoices will be forwarded automatically.

What is the Crossnet network?

The Crossnet network includes all companies that use Billtobox, Banqup or another Unifiedpost service to send electronic invoices, as well as other networks or platforms such as Peppol.

Is a PDF an electronic invoice?

No, a PDF is not an electronic invoice, but thanks to our OCR, we can convert your PDF invoices into electronic invoices.

Can I try Billtobox for free?

Yes, you can! The package (Free) is a free bundle that allows you to test Billtobox for free. This bundle is suitable for processing 50 invoices per year. Would you like to process more invoices or switch to a package with even more options? Simply switch to another package and all your stored data will automatically be transferred.


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The most efficient way to receive, process and send invoices and payments.

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