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Billtobox: the digital link between accountants and entrepreneurs

which cuts back administrative red tape and gives you more time
Billtobox ensures that every entrepreneur is digitally connected to his accountant anytime and anywhere. Have you received an invoice via email? Receive a receipt at a restaurant? Receive an invoice in your mailbox? Say goodbye to keeping all these documents in a thick folder at home.

From now on, as an entrepreneur, you can quickly send these documents via PC, tablet or smartphone to your accountant, who will immediately receive them digitally in your customer file.

All documents are now sent digitally to the accounting firm, so you, as an accountant, can process all documents quickly and efficiently throughout the year. Your client has an accurate overview of his current financial status anytime and anywhere, and as an accountant you can assist your clients with the right advice more quickly.

A win-win for both parties! 

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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