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Using the secure Billtobox platform, you can create, send, receive invoices and archive them via laptop, smartphone or tablet. That means done with those piles of papers on your desk. Do your administration anytime, anywhere, quickly and easily.

As an entrepreneur, processing your administration is not always easy:

Lost documents
Long evenings at the office
Race against the clock
Sometimes even chaos...

...and the same story every quarter.

An SME entrepreneur spends an average of 13 hours and 20 minutes every month on financial administration. But what if you could invest this time in something else?

Well, here comes Billtobox in the picture. Billtobox is an online platform that gives you more time to do what you're good at: doing business and expanding your company.

One digital platform for all your documents
(purchase invoices, sales invoices, VAT receipts,...)
A secure archive available anytime,
anywhere for 7 years
Your suppliers deliver your documents directly
to your Billtobox account
Easily scan all paper invoices/subscriptions
with the app
An invoicing tool that lets you create and send a sales invoice to the customer in less than 60 seconds
An overview of your entire cash flow
(outstanding invoices, reminders, deadlines,...)

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