Billtobox:                the fastest way        to E-invoicing

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Why an e-invoice?

Billtobox e-invoice self-service portal enables you to prepare and send e-invoices to your local e-invoicing network, international e-invoices to various EU countries and to PEPPOL. The self-service environment is aimed at small and
medium-sized businesses.

E-invoicing reduces the number of steps involved in the traditional invoicing process which results in considerable time saving for both senders and receivers. As a result, invoices are paid faster. Manual handling and data entry is minimized, errors and mistakes are less likely to appear.

The fastest and easiest way to E-invoicing is Billtobox!

How to send e-invoices

1. Register and get started.

No contract required.

2. Create an invoice.

Just login and fill the data.

3. Set recipient.

Enter the invoice recipient data and pick
the invoice delivery method.

4. Send an e-invoice.

Check your invoice details and push
send. Quick and easy!

Success stories

Marek Ilves, Head of the Business Software
Development Department of the Estonian State
Support Services Center

E-invoices have significantly reduced the time
spent on processing purchase invoices for
accountants of the State Support Services
Center. Machine readability ensures error-free
exchange of invoice information between the
seller and the buyer. The purchase invoice
process is clearer and easier to control.


Rainer Rohtla, CEO of Via 3L Group

The transition to e-invoicing is the future and
PDF or paper invoices will disappear. The sooner
we familiarize ourselves with new solutions and
start using them, the more successfully we will
move towards the future. The benefits can be
measured both in the number of hours
previously spent entering invoices and in the
increase in the turnover of invoices within the



Kadi Abro, Chief Financial Ocer of Jazz

The speed of invoice flow has improved,
especially from companies in different locations.
Challenging invoices do not disappear on
someone’s table but are processed quickly. It is
easy to give e-environment access to auditors on
demand and there is no need for subsequent
verification of purchase invoices in PDF format.



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Europe Facility of the European Union