Billtobox is a digital platform for managing administration, invoicing, and payments for companies. It also forms the link between the accountant and the entrepreneur and ensures more efficient cooperation between the two.

Our aim is to offer a comprehensive solution for the self-employed and SMEs, paying attention to the necessary specific elements of each sector. That is why we provide an ecosystem with the required technology to integrate new functionalities or links with external partners and thus offer our customers a high-quality and complete service.

For example, Billtobox has a marketplace that offers additional services that entrepreneurs can activate if they consider these to be useful for their business.

Why work with Billtobox?

Billtobox is a product by Unifiedpost Group, an international fintech leader in Europe that focuses on independence for both the accounting firm and the bank. Unifiedpost Group is the market leader in the field of document processing and payment, where this unique combination leads to maximum administrative simplification and automation of financial processes.

Billtobox can work both autonomously and integrated into any business environment and sector. See our sector-specific solutions for the construction and agriculture sector as well. We are happy to look for partnerships with providers of digital solutions in specific sectors.

Billtobox is an international platform and therefore certainly interesting for partners who operate across national borders.

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If your company is part of an industry or ecosystem where digitisation and robotisation can help optimise financial processes and insights, you may be a valuable partner to be part of the Unifiedpost ecosystem.

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Tom Vander Elst

Tom Vander Elst

Manager International Business Development