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Discover the new payment services in Billtobox!

Billtobox is the ideal solution that allows you to combine invoicing, document management and payments in one place. Our new payment services make paying invoices and receiving payments more efficient, secure and simple.


Billtobox's payment services now consist of:

Banqup Business Wallet

By activating the payment services you get your own Banqup Business Wallet. Your Banqup Business Wallet gives you access to your own Banqup Business Account, an IBAN payment account issued by Unifiedpost Payments. And there's more! In the future, you will also be able to use a Banqup Business Card as part of your wallet.


The Banqup Business Account makes life easier. Not only are you able to make faster, safer and more efficient payments, you’re also able to get paid faster too!


How do you top-up your Business Account?

Top-up your Business Account by accepting payments from your sales invoices straight into your Business Account.

You can also simply make a transfer from your linked external bank accounts.

Are you using the Banqup Terminal? Then you will automatically receive the Terminal’s payments straight into your Business Account.

The benefits for your incoming invoices:

  • Pay invoices in just a few clicks, without using an external card reader or having to leave Billtobox. A simple verification via the MyID by Unifiedpost app is enough.
  •  Make payments from your Business Account quickly and accurately.
  • Avoid errors as you’re reducing the amount of manual data-inputting that is required.
  • Select and pay several invoices in one go. 
  • Pay your invoices using your Business Account and they will be automatically archived for you.

The benefits for your outgoing invoices

  • Receive payments directly into your Business Account by selecting it as the default payment account in your ‘settings’.
  • Add a Banqup Paylink payment button to your sales invoices (see benefits below).
  • Paid invoices are automatically marked as paid and archived.
  • Track when your sales invoices have been sent, opened and paid.

Banqup Paylink

The Banqup Paylink is a digital payment button you generate to send alongside your invoices by email.


What are the benefits of using the Paylink?


  • Your customers can choose their preferred payment method.
  • Your customers are more likely to pay your invoices faster as receiving, opening and paying invoices is all done in just one customer journey.
  • All paid invoices automatically change to ‘paid’ and are archived for you.
  • Personalise your payer’s thank you message once they have completed their payment. For example, you can redirect them to a Thank You page or a page with a special offer.
  • Add payment references to your invoices so you can easily find the payments later on.
  • Payments are completed in your Banqup Business Account.

Banqup Terminal

The Banqup Terminal is the ideal solution for merchants to receive electronic payments. As of the 1st of July 2022, all merchants in Belgium are required to offer a solution for accepting electronic payments.


The Banqup Terminal is the virtual POS (point of sale) terminal that allows you to accept electronic payments in your store, hair salon, café, restaurant, doctor’s, physical therapist’s, pop-up, market stall, festival, event, sports club’s canteen, etc.

How does it work?

In the Banqup Terminal app enter the amount due.
The app generates a QR code.
Your customers scan the QR code with their smartphone and make the payment.
The funds go directly into your Banqup Business Account.

The advantages of the Banqup Terminal

  • This payment solution is ideal for merchants who do not yet accept electronic payments or who still use an expensive physical payment terminal.
  • It will soon (1/07/2022) be mandatory for merchants to provide an electronic payment solution. The Banqup Terminal is the ideal solution to comply with this new regulation without any investment required.
  • The Banqup Terminal is included in the payment services of Billtobox! All you have to do is activate the Banqup Terminal and all the hard work is already done for you.
  • There are no fixed (subscription) fees.
  • You only pay a fixed amount per transaction.
  • No need to buy or rent a physical terminal.
  • Take payments up to € 1,500 per transaction.

So, you are convinced and want to start using the Banqup Terminal?

Start accepting electronic payments with the Banqup Terminal in 3 easy steps:

1/ Activate the payment services within Billtobox.
2/ Install the Banqup Terminal app on your mobile device(s).
3/ Link your Billtobox account to the Banqup Terminal app and you’re ready to go!

Overview of all your external bank accounts

Link your external bank accounts from almost all Belgian banks to your Business Wallet for even more benefits:

  • Have a real-time overview of your linked account balances.
  • View the movements on your accounts.
  • Initiate payments from any linked account.
  • Top-up your Business Account from any linked account(s) of your choice.

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of our payment services? Do you have any questions? Fill out the contact form and we will be happy to help you.

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Why activate your Business Wallet?

 Receive money from customers easily and securely
 Easily pay multiple invoices at the same time
 Payments are automatically linked to invoices

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