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Billtobox for entrepreneurs

Say goodbye to the administrative hassle and manage all your administration with one convenient tool



Generate and send outbound invoices in just a few seconds

It’s never been easier to generate and send outbound invoices and get paid.

  Generate invoices in just 60 seconds
  Clear overview via invoice status
  Get your outbound invoices paid more effortlessly than ever before

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It’s never been easier to pay and get paid

Pay your outstanding invoices, receive payments due from customers and easily manage all incoming and outgoing payments.

  Business Wallet now available for your financial transactions
  Pay multiple invoices with a single click and make payment errors a thing of the past
  Link all your external bank accounts to your Billtobox account.

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Administration solution

The administration tool you’ve been waiting for all this time. 

Say goodbye to paperwork. With Billtobox, those stacks of paper piling up on your desk will soon be history.

  Never lose a document again
  Maintain a clear overview of all your customers and suppliers at all times
  Store everything securely in a secure digital archive

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Turbeau Noir

Billtobox really is plug and play. I don't think it can get any easier than this.

Franky De Smet-Van Damme 

Inspirer of Turbeau Noir

Never miss a payment again

Approve and carry out payments? It’s a piece of cake with Billtobox. From now on, you’ll know the exact status of every inbound invoice at all times, wherever you are. A clear dashboard overview means you’ll never miss a deadline again. That way, you can rest assured everything is always paid on time. Unwanted extra charges? No thanks!

It’s never been easier to get paid 

The dashboard also offers a clear overview of which outbound invoices remain outstanding. What’s more, the digital payment button makes it even easier for your customers to pay your invoices. Once they’ve used that function, the outbound invoice will automatically be marked as paid and archived. That way, you’ve always got an accurate overview of your cashflow and it’s easier than ever to monitor your outstanding outbound invoices.  

Don’t waste any more time trawling through stacks of paper

Lost a VAT receipt? Looking for that paper invoice you got a few months ago? With this solution, those things are history! As you can now upload all your documents to your Billtobox in the app with just a few clicks or via the scan function, trawling through stacks of paper on your desk is a thing of the past. The digital archive makes it easy to safely retrieve all invoices and documents – at any time of day or night.   

Your accountant stays fully in the loop without you needing to leave the office

With Billtobox, it’s easy to create a digital link between you and your accountant. It’s never been simpler to send documents to your accountant. With Billtobox, your accountant receives all documents and invoices you’ve received, sent or paid, meaning there’s no longer any need to leave the office to hand over a stack of paper every quarter. Your accountant can get an accurate picture of your financial status through Billtobox at any time, meaning they can provide the advice you need much more quickly. What else could you wish for?

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