Advantages of Billtobox

No more late payments / getting paid 

Approve or execute payments? Register incoming payments? A piece of cake thanks to the integrated Billtobox payment module. You have a status overview (based on expiration date) anytime, anywhere, whether it concerns outstanding purchase or sales invoices. You won't lose sight of any deadlines via the clear dashboard. So you can be sure that everything has been paid on time and avoid unnecessary costs.

No more wasting time searching between those stacks of paper

Lost a VAT receipt? Looking for that paper invoice from a few months ago? Well, thanks to Billtobox this is now a thing of the past! Because you can upload all documents to your accountant via a few mouse clicks or via the scan function in the app, you no longer have to search between those piles of paper on your desk. Via the digital archive you can safely retrieve all invoices 24/7. 

The endless search for that one invoice is now a thing of the past thanks to our all-in-one platform. 

Your accountant receives everything without you having to leave the house

Your Billtobox account is in direct contact with your accountant. This means that delivering documents to your accountant has never been easier. Through Billtobox, they receive all documents that you have received, sent or paid for. So you no longer have to leave the house to hand over that paper stack every quarter, your accountant has an accurate view of your financial status and can assist you more quickly with good advice. What more could you ask for?

Ensures the transformation to a digital administration a challenge?

Then our e-Guide can help you. A digital administration & bookkeeping saves you (and your accountant) an enormous amount of time, money and stress. In this handy e-guide you'll learn how to get rid of this terrible mountain of paper step by step.

When you choose Billtobox, you choose for

Saving more time

An all-in-one platform for
all your administration

Being in direct contact with
your accountant

An up-to-date overview of
your cash flow

24/7 availability of the
online archive

A continuously improving

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