Billtobox, the administration tool you've always missed

Say goodbye to that paperwork. Thanks to Billtobox, those piles of paper disappear from your desk for good. You don't believe us? Discover all the advantages of Billtobox yourself!

Purchase invoices received via Billtobox

An individual folder where you can clearly manage all your purchase invoices. Not only can your suppliers deliver directly to this folder via your unique Billtobox email address. You can use the drag & drop function to upload the received pdf invoices into the platform, but you can also place photos of invoices or receipts in your account via the app. Once here, you will see the payment status of each invoice on which it needs to be paid. This way you avoid paying invoices too early or too late.


Creating and sending sales invoices

Thanks to the sales invoice module, you can create and send invoices to your customers in less than 60 seconds. Choose how you want to send your invoice, by mail, send the invoice by post yourself or choose the option 'Print & Post'. BilltoBox will then take care of printing and sending the invoice by post in your place. In addition, you will also see the payment term of the invoice per invoice and you will be able to send a reminder (via BilltoBox) more quickly when this term has (almost) been exceeded.  

Are you already using an invoicing software to create your sales invoices? No problem. With the Universal Connector you can receive all your invoices in Billtobox without any effort. 

In addition, Billtobox also complies with government guidelines. We are the access point to the Peppol network, making sending electronic invoices to the government a piece of cake. 

Customers & Suppliers overview

Would you like to have a complete overview of all your customers & suppliers? That's also possible in Billtobox. Easily save a new customer or supplier and use this data to create and send your sales invoices to the right customer faster. 

App, scan, send!

But what should you do with all those paper invoices and VAT receipts? Billtobox also has a handy app that you can download to your smartphone. This app has a scan function that allows you to take a picture of the receipts, upload them and transfer them directly to your billtobox account. This way, you no longer have to keep this paper document and your bookkeeper will receive this information immediately.

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Click & Pay

See in Billtobox that the desired payment date of a purchase invoice is approaching. From now on, you can safely pay these outstanding invoices directly from Billtobox. Choose the payment option of your choice, pay the amount and this invoice will immediately be marked as paid and sent to your archive.


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