Get your outbound invoices paid more quickly

Billtobox enables you to simply add a digital payment button to your outbound invoices. The smart information this button contains makes it much quicker and easier for your customers to pay your invoices, and makes sure the invoice payment is automatically validated in your Billtobox.

How does it work?

Generate your outbound invoice

In less than 60 seconds

Send your invoice

Add a payment button and monitor the status of your invoice (sent, opened and paid)

Get paid

Receive the payment amount in your Business Wallet

Paid invoices are automatically processed

The invoice will be marked as ‘Paid’ and will be archived immediately

Pay invoices securely and efficiently

Receiving and monitoring invoices, checking their content, keeping an eye on due dates, entering invoice data, making payment via a banking app and then processing all of that in your administration: surely, there are better things to spend your precious time on as an entrepreneur. What if there was a way to efficiently automate all these tasks using a single tool? With Billtobox and its integrated payment functions, doing so is a piece of cake. 

How does it work?

In the Banqup Terminal app enter the amount due.
The app generates a QR code.
Your customers scan the QR code with their smartphone and make the payment.
The funds go directly into your Banqup Business Account.

Make the most of having your own Business Wallet

When you choose our Optimum package, you’ll get a Business Wallet.

A Business Wallet is a current account with a Belgian IBAN your customers can use to make secure payments.

As soon as the funds have reached your Business Wallet, you can use them to easily pay inbound invoices (multiple ones at the same time), transfer them to your bank account or just leave them there for future expenses. If you need to pay an invoice, but you’ve got insufficient funds in your Business Wallet to do so, you can top up your Business Wallet from you linked bank account in no time at all.

Why activate your Business Wallet?

Receive money from customers easily and securely
 Easily pay multiple invoices at the same time
 Payments are automatically linked to invoices

Linking other bank accounts

You also have the option of linking your (other) bank accounts to your Billtobox. That way, it’s easy to view the balance and statements for each account, all in your Billtobox environment. Pretty nifty, right?

Activate your Billtobox

Discover how easy things can be with our all-in-one solution. Save more time and stay on top of your administration at all times.

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