Turbeau Noir and FRWRD testimonial

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Apart from being the front man of the legendary Belgian metal band Channel Zero, Franky De Smet-Van Damme is also the driving force behind Turbeau Noir. Since he assumes full responsibility for all activities related to the beer brand, he was looking for a solution to keep track of and monitor the ‘paperwork’ more easily.

It was his accountancy firm FRWRD (with offices in Bredene and Veldegem) that steered him in the direction of Billtobox. According to FRWRD, Billtobox offers advantages to both the accountant and business professional. The accountancy firm is sent the invoices all year round, enabling them to process them on a regular basis. The business professional in turn has 24/7 access to a digital archive and all records, and the entire administrative process is fully digital from start to finish.

“Billtobox is a quick fix that works: fast, plug & play, and without the hangover”

Billtobox offers the solution that Franky De Smet-Van Damme was looking for to gain control over his administrative affairs, namely a “Quick fix that works!”
Considering the somewhat more complex invoicing process involved with alcoholic beverages, such as excise taxes, Franky was pleasantly surprised that Billtobox could also handle this without a problem and include everything properly on his invoices.

To him, Billtobox is the perfect solution: fast, plug & play and no hangover.


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