The way to your digital accounting? It starts with a digital administration!

More and more entrepreneurs realize it: those piles of paper that their people have to plow through every day are outdated. Especially in the field of accounting, the digital options allow you to work much more efficiently, with more quality and more structured. But the road to digital accounting seems long and filled with hurdles and question marks. But is that really so?

In this first part of our new four-part blog series, we are already lowering the first hurdle and we are also removing a lot of question marks. And then you will quickly notice: if you do it right, your digital administration is much shorter than you imagined. Step 1 in our 'ultimate digital step-by-step plan': digitizing your

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digital accounting

Digital accounting is the end result of a complete step-by-step plan, which starts with the digitization of your administration. Just like all other companies, yours is obliged to keep a financial administration. It consists of all your receipts, received & sent invoices, bank statements, and other proofs of income & expenditure, your contracts, and finally also your payroll. These documents serve as the basis for your accounting and must remain available to the tax authorities for seven years.

Save time and energy!

Administration - aka " papers" - may seem straightforward, but it is by no means. For example, are you sure that you still have all the documents? And if so, would you still find all of them if you need them? And even if it is: how much time, energy and place does it take for you and your people to keep monitoring and archiving all of that? A good accounting software - whether or not in combination with an accountant and / or tax specialist - can save you a lot of time and headaches in that area. Admit it, you would prefer to focus all of that attention on improving your product / service and strengthening the relationship with customers and employees, no?

Speaking of time and energy-consuming administration, we bet that your billing is also the biggest culprit in that area. But there are solutions for this: billing programs such as Exact, Teamleader and BilltoBox can help you a long way. Although they still may require manual work, that can also be remedied. Thanks to the invoicing module that you find in many accounting software (Winbooks, Octopus), you automatically share invoices and documents with your accountant and you have your administration available everywhere and 24/7.

Digital is also safer

Do you still send paper invoices? Then you are not alone, but that is no excuse: it is really outdated. It is best to digitize that as thoroughly as possible. Because paper is not only slow, but also risky. You, too, undoubtedly have to deal with invoices that are sent too late, that is not delivered or delivered late by post, or that are lost by customers. The result: late or even non-payments. And that while a digital invoice is sent to the customer with one click, and also leaves a digital trace. What's more: that invoice is also immediately in the right place on your computer or in the cloud, and not in a - poor trees - paper archive.

Moreover, digitization does not have to stop with yourself. Once you have taken the step, you can also digitally manage the incoming invoices from your suppliers and partners who are also already in the digital stage. This is possible in free cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, which are user-friendly systems that you can always access, from any connected device. That means even more time savings.

Digitization can go fast

In short, digitization really only has advantages. If you really grasp the nettle, if necessary together with a specialized partner, your administration will be fully digitized in no time - the exact duration depends, among other things, on the size and complexity of your company.

Stay up-to-date

Once your administration has been digitized, you are ready for step 2: further streamline your process by working with 'fixed administration moments'. You can read what we mean by this in blog 2 of our series. We are also working on an e-guide with a step-by-step plan and checklist. Follow our blog series to find out when it becomes available, or leave your details below and we will let you know :  

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