Get your sales invoices paid quickly

Billtobox also offers an easy way to enable your customers to pay their invoices quickly and easily. Just add a payment button to your invoice

The payment button contains all the required information for paying the invoice. Your customer only has to click on it, check the data and approve the payment. It’s that easy. In addition, the customer does not have to enter data. This may, you make it easy for them to pay and you receive amounts due faster.

What’s the process from creating a sales invoice to collecting the payment?

Create your sales invoice

Thanks to the invoicing module you can create an invoice within 60 seconds and send it to your customers.

Send the invoice to your customer

Choose the option “Send with payment button”. The customer will receive an email with your invoice and payment button. As soon as the invoice is sent, you can track the status in Billtobox immediately: sent, opened and paid.

Receive the payment

Your customer clicks on the payment button, doesn’t have to enter manual data and pays the invoice with just one click. You receive the amount in your bank account.

Automatic processing of the paid invoice

Once the amount is received, the status of the sales invoice is changed immediately into ‘paid’. The necessary data in your financial overview are adjusted in Billtobox, enabling you to keep track of outstanding invoices at any time.

Clear and quick communication between entrepreneur and customer is key today. This also applies to the sales invoices your customers receive. Just reduce the manual work involved in paying these invoices. This way your customers not only have the chance to pay easier and quicker. You also benefit from correct and fast payment. A win-win situation for both parties.

  Simplify payment of your sales invoices by your customers through providing an electronic payment button. Easy payment means receiving your money much quicker.

  Save time by having the platform match all invoices sent and received. Thanks to the payment button, Billtobox will correctly link and process payment and invoice data. This is passed on to your accountant and the overview of outstanding invoices is immediately updated in your dashboard.

  Spend less time on following up on your sales invoices. Thanks to Billtobox’ real-time up-to-date overview you will see the status of each outstanding invoice. Insight at a glance and following up is a piece of cake.


Do you want quick payment of your sales invoices?

Billtobox makes it possible. Create your account today and create your sales invoice in less than 60 seconds, including the electronic payment button!

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