Making payments within Billtobox

Paying invoices safely and efficiently

Receive and track invoices, check their content, monitor expiration dates, enter invoice data, pay via a banking app and also process it all in your administration… Each of these are time-consuming activities for every entrepreneur. What if you could automate these tasks efficiently by means of one tool? Thanks to Billtobox and its integrated payment features, it’s a piece of cake.

What’s the process?

Receive purchase invoices

Drag & drop PDF files in your account, upload a paper invoice via the app or ensure that your suppliers deliver their invoices directly to Billtobox. Next, the tab ‘Purchase invoices’ offers an overview of all outstanding invoices, including status: open, close to expiration date, cancelled. This way, you have the status of each invoice at a glance.

Select the invoices payable

Invoices that are due to expire can be easily identified and selected in order to pay them as a group (= multiple invoices from different suppliers). This ends the process of paying invoices one by one.

Pay through Billtobox

Thanks to the platform, you will never have to enter invoice data again. Data such as supplier name, invoice number, amount, and (structured) message are automatically entered for selected invoices. The only thing you have to do is choose the desired bank account and approve the amount of all selected invoices. Billtobox will then transfer the total amount from your bank account within the platform. From there, the purchase invoices will be paid.

Automatic processing of paid invoices

Once the transaction is finalised, the status of the invoices is immediately set to ‘paid’. The status is sent to your accountant and the invoices are placed in the online archive.

Your all-in-one automated platform

In theory, it sounds easy: receive an invoice, check it, approve it and pay it. In reality, the process is much less efficient because of many manual tasks. Incoming invoices pile up, you need to enter the payment manually in your bank environment and keep your administration up to date. It’s a slow, inefficient process, which takes time and keeps you from what is really important: serving your customers and growing your company. However, this inefficient process is now history.

Say farewell to the hassle and the switching between various programmes (invoicing tool, banking apps, cash flow tools,…) Thanks to Billtobox, you have one platform to create invoices, send and receive them, and archive and share them automatically with your accountant.


Main benefits:

  Save time by managing your entire administration with one tool (platform for documents and invoices + payment system + digital connection with your accountant).

  Minimise risks (losing invoices, exceeding expiration dates, delivering invoices too late to accountant).

  No more manual entry of invoice data.

  Reduce human error.

  Real-time overview of outstanding/paid invoices. Has an invoice been paid? The platform processes it and immediately sends the necessary data to your accountant.

  Pay multiple invoices fast and secure in one go.

  Preserve a healthy relationship with your suppliers. As you are able to manage your invoices in a better and clearer way, you can see which ones soon will expire. By paying them in time you’ll maintain a good relationship with your suppliers. You don’t have to worry about reminders.

As an entrepreneur, Billtobox offers you the possibility to manage your full administration via one secure, reliable and user-friendly platform, anytime and anywhere.


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