Pay and get paid through Billtobox

Pay your outstanding invoices, receive payments due from your customers and manage all incoming and outgoing payments with one single platform.

As a progressive platform, focused on simplifying an entrepreneur’s administration, we are continuously looking for new functionalities to reach this goal. In addition to the invoicing tool, the digital archive and the automated link with your accountant, it is now also possible to pay invoices easily and securely within the platform.

As an entrepreneur, you select the invoices you want to pay, check the data and pay them easily through Billtobox. Your customer on the other side can also pay your invoices more easily thanks to the payment button they’ll find on the invoice. After that, all settled invoices are automatically processed, and you have a real-time overview of all outstanding invoices (incoming/outgoing).


Why choose Billtobox and its payment solution?

Make payments within Billtobox

Manage your administration more efficiently with our all-in-one tool for creating, sending, receiving, paying, and archiving all your invoices and documents

Avoid reminder and dunning invoices. Create a clear view of all outstanding invoices any time, any place

Pay multiple invoices at the same time. Say goodbye to paying invoices one by one. After the payment, the invoices are immediately processed, archived and shared with your accountant

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Get your sales invoices paid quickly

Creating invoices and tracking their status
   has never been easier


Real-time overview of your
   cash flow

Matching sales invoices with payments received
   is done automatically

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Choose the best solution for your business!

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PSD2, a bridge between invoice and payment