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An online platform that takes the administrative hassle between you and your clients off your shoulders, leaving you more time to give them financial advice

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Billtobox is an online platform that removes the administrative hassle between you and your customers. Thanks to Billtobox, your customers can share all their invoices and documents digitally with you anytime, anywhere.

Throughout the year, you receive all the necessary invoices, receipts and documents digitally from all your customers at the push of a button. Your customers immediately share their received or sent invoices via their PC or even via their smartphone.
Peak moments disappear and work pressure becomes work pleasure. How do we do that? By automatically sending your customer's invoices to your accounting software via Billtobox. Our smart OCR (an abbreviation for software that converts characters, numbers and letters from paper documents into readable data on your computer) ensures that all data ends up in exactly the right place in your accounting software. It couldn't be easier. 

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At the end of the quarter, avoid having your customers come to you with a folder full of papers. The peak moment at the end of each quarter is transformed into the consistent receipt of all necessary documents throughout the year. Say goodbye to that administrative hassle and get back to making more time for recruiting new clients and providing financial advice.

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“Thanks to Billtobox, we give our customers exactly what they want: maximum care. “

Xavier Delattre - Delattre

“We enter all the documents into Billtobox as soon as possible, because the platform takes all the work off our hands.”

Christophe Meesters – Fiscotax

“Thanks to Billtobox, we provide this information almost in real time, allowing us to better advise the customer.”

Daniel Lorent – Gecco

Are you curious and would you like to digitise your office (even more)? Then Billtobox is your partner. Together with you, we look at your needs, look for the best solution and look at the most ideal rollout for you and your office. Do you have any questions? The Billtobox team is always ready to help you and your office on their way to the digital future. 

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