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Faster cash for your business

Do you want to receive payment of your sales invoices within 24 hours so you can have cash immediately to run your business? Then we have the ideal solution for you. Invoice Finance is flexible financing that you can use when you need it.

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Your sales invoices paid when you want them paid

Don't wait any longer to receive the amounts of your outstanding sales invoices, from now on you can choose which invoices you want to see paid faster. If the invoices meet the conditions, you will receive 90% of the amount in your Banqup Business Account within 1 business day. This way, you immediately have the necessary resources to further develop your business and we take over the risk of non-payment from your customer.

Our solution

All benefits at a glance

Improved cash flow

Invoice Finance gives your business quick access to cash, so you have the working capital you need when you need it.

Less credit risk

We take responsibility for collecting payments from your customers, which reduces the risk of late or non-payment for you as a business.

Faster financing

Unlike traditional financing, our solution is a quick and easy process. After invoice approval, you will receive the necessary amount within 24 hours.

More flexibility

It is a flexible solution tailored to the needs of your business. This allows you to access the amount of funding you need, when you need it.

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How to apply for sales invoice financing ?

In addition to our solution for collecting purchase invoices, storing documents, creating & sending sales invoices and our various payment options, it is now also possible to have your sales invoices funded via our new finance solution. And this smoothly and securely through the following steps:

Select the sales invoices
Select your sales invoices in your Billtobox for which you would like to request funding.
Pay invoices with one click or touch
See what invoices you can receive funding for
You will see in real time which invoices can be paid.
Pay invoices with one click or touch
Click 'confirm' and you will immediately see the amount you will be paid.
Pay invoices with one click or touch
The invoice is given "Funded" status
The invoice will be marked as "Funded" and Billtobox will start transferring the money to your Banqup Business Wallet within 24 hours.
Pay invoices with one click or touch
Get started with the available cash without any worries
You will receive the amount on your Banqup Business Wallet with which you can then get on with your work without any worries afterwards.
Pay invoices with one click or touch

That's why you too choose Invoice Finance

Short-term liquidity

We advance 90% of your sales invoice. So you can have the money for your daily business immediately.

Easy application

No annual figures or forecasts are needed. Just indicate in your Billtobox-account which sales invoices you want to have paid and we will do the rest.

Simple and transparent

With us, you don't pay a filing fee. For every invoice you sell to us, you pay a flat rate of 3% of the invoice value. There are no other and/or hidden fees with us.

No more follow-up of invoices

Transfer the follow-up and collection of your invoices and protect yourself 100% against defaulters. Take advantage of the time savings to expend your business even further. This way, your business is always insured and we cover all risks.

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Entrepreneurs accounts receivable
Entrepreneurs accounts receivable

How do you activate the Invoice Finance module?

Open your Banqup IBAN number in your Banqup Business Wallet

To use Invoice Finance, you must first open a Banqup IBAN. Learn more about this on our Banqup Business Wallet page.
Read more.

Activate the Invoice Finance module in your Billtobox account

Activate the Invoice Finance module once. During the activation process, we ask you to provide some data and accept the terms and conditions. After approval, you can quickly apply for your first financing.

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Need help?

Are you already a Billtobox user and need guidance on how to activate your Finance module? Contact our team. They are ready to help you!


What did other users wonder ?

What did other users wonder?

Will Billtobox contact my customers if they pay late?

Billtobox will contact your customer if they pay late. If your customer has still not paid after our reminders, we transfer the collection of the invoice to Atradius Collections after 60 days.

Why does Billtobox offer Invoice Finance?

As part of Unifiedpost Group, we aim to help entrepreneurs and the self-employed be successful with their businesses. One way we do this is by offering financing for sales invoices. Find out what else Billtobox can do for your business here.

Is it safe to get a sales invoice paid out?

At Billtobox, we are committed to the highest standards of security and reliability. We therefore make every effort to ensure security. You can read more about the processing of your data in the privacy statement.

How long will it take to receive the amount of the sales invoice for which I have applied for funding?

We aim to transfer 90% of the sales invoice amount to your Banqup Business Wallet within 24 hours of requesting financing.

What must my invoice meet?

Your invoice must meet the following requirements to be funded:

- Your invoices must be in euro for business customers (excluding governments) in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom or Luxembourg.

- The maximum payment period of the invoice must not exceed 60 days.

- The invoice may not be disputed.

- The work must be completed.

- The minimum invoice amount must not be less than EUR 350.

- The payment period must not have expired.

- You must apply for funding within 14 days of the invoice date.

How many invoices can I offer at the same time?

As a Billtobox customer, you can offer an unlimited number of invoices at the same time. However, the total amount of outstanding sales invoices may not exceed €100,000.

What types of businesses are eligible for Invoice Finance?

To use Invoice Finance, the company must be based in Belgium or the Netherlands and have been in existence for at least 3 years. Billtobox checks the credit score of the company with the help of a rating agency. Unfortunately, they cannot currently offer this service to sole traders, companies in the construction industry, insurers or financial service providers.

Are there any costs associated with Invoice Finance ?

For every invoice you sell to Billtobox, you pay a fixed percentage of 3% of the invoice value. In addition, you need to take out a Billtobox Premium with Payment Services subscription to enjoy the financing solution.(Click here to learn more about the Premium subscription). There are no other and/or hidden fees with us.

What are the benefits of Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance offers the advantage that, as a business owner, you will have the money you are owed by your customers sooner. This can improve your cash flow and thus enable the growth of your business. Plus, you don't have to worry about collecting outstanding invoices and there are no hidden fees.

How does Invoice Finance work?

Invoice finance works as follows:

- You as a company/entrepreneur provide a product or service to your customers and send a sales invoice with a payment term, for example 30 days.

- You then sell this invoice/invoices to Billtobox. We take ownership of the invoice and pay your company/entrepreneur 90% of the amount of the invoice.

- Billtobox sends the invoice to your customer and collects the amount when the invoice expires. Billtobox then transfers the remaining amount of the invoice, minus the cost of financing, to you.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance is an alternative method of financing that is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs. It involves selling outstanding invoices as a business to a finance company, such as Billtobox. In return, you get an advance on the amount stated on the invoice. This way, as a business owner, you can access the money you are owed by your customers sooner, improving your cash flow, and expanding or improving your business activities. Billtobox then collects the amount of your customer's invoice when it is due and charges a percentage of the invoice as a fee.

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